SMD 5050 Series

5050 means the SMD LED component’s dimension is about 5.4mm(L)X5.0mm(W). Normally, the most used 5050 SMD LED have 3 chips inside, it adopts a blue chip together with the phosphor to fabricate a warm white or white color with various CCT like 3000K, 4000K, 6000K.

As 5050 SMD features 3 chips in one housing, and because of this they are sometimes also called tri-chips or triple core LED strips, which is almost equal to 3pcs of 3528 SMD LED. With technology improves, one 5050 LED diode is able to illuminate brightness equivalent to approximately 18-24 Lumen, which is an ideal LED light source used to make high lumen output LED strip lights or any other commercial lighting.