SMD 2835 Series

2835 SMD LED is a SMD LED components thinner than normal 3528 SMD LED, ‘2835’ itself means SMD LED component is about 3.5mm(L)X2.8mm(W) and the thickness is only about 0.7mm (normal 3528 is 1.4mm or 1.9mm thick).

Because 2835 SMD LED has the back heat dissipation pad structure so it with perfect heat dissipation performance, which enable more powerful and more lumen output than normal 3528 SMD LED. With its broad lumen coverage and wide range of CCT options, the SMD 2835 provides unparalleled design-in flexibility for indoor and outdoor lighting applications, especially for LED flexible strip lights where requires more compact size but higher lumen output LED source, ideal to replace 3528 & 5050 LED strip lights.