SMD 2216 Series

2216 Flexible LED Strip Light is a latest product of LED strip light range starting at 2016. It’s now getting more and more popular due to it’s compact size and high CRI feature (CRI>90). The LED size is about 2.2mm(L)X1.6mm(W), which is much smaller and thinner than 3528 SMD LED. Due to it has back heat dissipation pad structure, it has similar power and lumen output compared to normal 3528 SMD LED, even if 2216 have a much more slim body.
This products have many advantages over normal SMD LED components like 3528, 5050, 2835, 3014 LEDs. Smaller size, compact slim body, high color rending performance and excellent heat dissipation pad design, making it’s a new trend for LED strip light applications.