LED Aluminum Profile


  • LED Aluminium Profiles (also known as Extrusion) are designed to complement the range of IP33, IP65 and IP67 Flexible LED Strips.
  • AST Lighting offers a range of Aluminium Profiles, including Surface Mounted Profiles, Recessed Profiles,Pendant Profiles, Corner Profiles,Ground Profiles and Flexible Prfiles.
  • Accessories include endcaps, endcaps with cable entry, and mounting support clips.
  • Aluminium Profiles can be useful for furniture lighting, glass cabinet, counter lighting, ceiling decorating light etc.
  • Aluminium Profiles also keep IP33 LED strips away from dust and give better heat dissipating for LED strips to extend lifetime.


Surface mounted LED profile is using plastic /metal clips to fix in the surface of the items .

Recessed LED profile is using recessed clamps to fix the profile into the ceilling .

Pendant LED profile light is installed with a wire rope suspended from the ceiling.

Corner LED profile is installed at the angle corners to make light ceaseless.

Ground LED profile is design for installation lights on the floor with strong cover.

Flexible LED profile is easy bend and flexible to take replaced the not rigid led profile .