Flexible Wall Washer Strip Light

IP67 TPU Vertical Bending Types-5meters running

Mono White 18watts/m

RGB 6.2watts/m

RGBW 8watts/m

DMX512 RGB 8.5watts/m

IP65 PVC Free Bending Types-10meters running

Mono White 16watts/m

DMX512 RGB 16watts/m

DMX512 RGBW 20watts/m

IP65 Silicone Free Bending Types-5meters running

Mono White 24watts/m

Turnable White 24watts/m

RGB 18watts/m

RGBW 18watts/m

DMX512 RGB 18watts/m

DMX512 RGBW 18watts/m

IP67 Slim Types

WW1212 10watts/m

WW1615 15watts/m

Why Using Flexible Wall Washer Strip Light for Projects:

The flexible wall washer strip light is frequently used in event lighting or building facade lighting with below advantages:

-It is with optical lens design that could cast the light at specific beam like 25 degree, 30degree or 20*45 degree. 

It could continuous running at 5meters or 10meters length to wash the wall with color or create shadow grazer effect.

-It could be bent by vertical direction or horizontal direction or both horizontal and vertical direction to fit the outline of building.


RGB color 10 meters running flexible wall washer light
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