• Led connector can use easily for connect 2 pcs led strip light when we install the led strip lights.
  • Led connector cau use for no waterproof led strip light, waterproof led strip light, RGB color led strip light ,CCT led strip light , RGB+W led strip light, and we can customized the wire length .

Beetle Clip Series-Used in the Aluminum Profile

8mm Mono Color

10mm Mono Color

Hippo-M Series

Mono 5mm IP20

Mono 8mm IP20

Mono 10mm IP20

Mono 12mm IP20

CCT 10mm IP20

RGB 10mm IP20

RGBW 12mm IP20

Standard Series

Mono 8mm IP20

Mono 8mm Gap IP20

Mono 10mm IP20

Mono 10mm Gap IP20

RGB 10mm IP20

RGBW 12mm IP20

Mono 8mm IP54

Mono 10mm IP54

RGBW 10mm IP54

Solid Lock Series

Mono 8mm

Mono 10mm

CCT 10mm

RGB 10mm

Wire Joint Series

I shape

T shape

Wire Terminal

2 Poles

Power Distributor

1 TO 2/3/4

FPC Corner Series

T Shape

L Shape

Cross + Shape

Clip Series




Electrical Wire





DC Series



Power Series

2/3/4/5 Pin

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