Functional Series

Turnable White 1808 Series


  • New 1808 LED with strong bracket.
  • 2300K to 6500K CCT adjustable.
  • CRI95+ and 3 SCDM, vivid and accuracy illumination performance.
  • No dot illumination with even light.


1808 SMD LED strip lights 1820LED, 364LED/M, 10MM wide PCB, 5 meters reel package: this model  SMD 1808 LED tape light is in 20W/M. it use 1808 SMD that made by branded LED chip, Intermatix phosphor powder, ShinEtsu & Dow Corning glue, Heraeus 99.99% pure golden wire, pure copper bracket. The density of this LED strip light is 364LED per meter and the distance between LED is 5.5mm. It is cut by  7LEDs pitch at 38.5mm for DC24V input voltage. The PCB(FPC) is 10mm wide that double layer with 2OZ solid pure copper thickness(35um for layer) made by Hongqi or Founder the soonest, on the back is 3M adhesive type which is strong sticky, durable to most of the surfaces. 15cm 20AWG wire is on the each end of the LED strip. It is high efficiency LED and also available in higher power than 3528 LED, we l recommend to use it with aluminum extrusion for enhancing the heat dissipation to ensure it maximum working life time and blending in decoration style.

-It is a new tiny 1808 LED that could make with high density to achieve even lighting effect and also it could be made with 4mm super slim LED strip. It is available is wide power range that you could make it with low power strip light to save the budget on power supply and electricity bill. or make it with high power to meet more lux requirements of interior lighting.

-2100K, 2400K,2700K,3000K,3500K, 4000K,5000K,6500K color temperature, Red, Green,Blue,Amber, Pink color is available, 1 BIN with SDCM color accuracy, CRI80, CRI90,CRI95 color render index to illuminate true color effect.

-Use our top quality single-color flexible LED strip(strip lighting), Super flat LED rope or bars for kitchen lighting LED strip, accent lighting in coves, edge lit glass and a host of other applications.

-It is dimmable LED strip light that could dim by PWM controller. usually it is used with 12Volt or 24Volt power supply in creating larger installations in retail stores, resorts, sports bars and other locations.

-We could also use it with the non-dimming power supply at static brightness that its maximum brightness for cost effective ambient lighting.

-This LED ribbon light could use with a wide series of aluminum profile in kitchen lighting, cove lighting, under cabinet lighting.

– Minimum 3 yearsWarranty

– CE, RoHS certificated

– Compatible with dimming controllers

– 120 degree Beam Angle

– Efficiency up to 100 lm/W

– Short LED pitch of 38.5mm

– Double density LEDs for high brightness output

– Thermally Resistant 3M adhesive for long lasting bond

– Single BIN LED selection to ensure color consistency

– Maximum Length in Series is 5 meters.

– Highest quality components packaged 1808 SMD LEDs, Fenghua resistor.