In the past, we may prefer a lamp overhead and feel it is bright. but with the awareness of UGR of the light and popularity of headless lamp(no main light) concept, people no longer telling if the luminare is good or not by if it looks bright but if it illuminating the object with eye friendly.Ambient lighting and accent lighting method is more frequently took as option for interior lighting, more quantity LED tape light is used. Thus LED strip will consume more electric power and at the same time the demand for brightness may rise.

To increase brightness( same power but more lumen output) or reduce the power consumption( same brightness but less power), we could consider using the high efficiency LED strip that 180LM/W which is much 80% higher lumen output than the typical LED strip. What makes the LED strip with more lumen output? this is because on the one hand they use LED with higher efficiency, on the other hand they use 8LED/segment layout rather than 6LED/segment. The segments consume same power but the 8LED/segment one will have 2 more LEDs output the lights.

Though the cost of high efficiency strip increased from the LED cost that with higher efficiency and need select the voltage bin, however with rising of energy cost and requirement for efficiency like the New ErP from EU, the high efficiency LED strip still worth the cost from continuous saving the energy fee and higher energy label grade from the New ErP which make your product competitive in the market!